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Bob's Updated Message 4/29/06

This is my 29th year tracking hurricanes across south Louisiana and, because of Katrina; it will be the most challenging. For years we knew the BIG ONE would come. We knew levees would be topped. We knew some people who refused to leave would die. What we didn't know was levees not topped would fail. That proved to be the real tragedy for most New Orleanians.

The 2006 Hurricane Season is again expected to be very active due to above average sea surface temperatures across the Atlantic and Caribbean basins. It doesn't mean more storms will batter Louisiana as history tells us hurricane activity tends to shift around each year. We pray our state and Mississippi will be spared as we continue to recover from Katrina and Rita.

The challenge for everyone this year will be to not over re-act. I realize the first storm that enters the Gulf will have us all on edge; however, we must make our decisions based on REASON and NOT ON EMOTION. Many of you remain living in temporary housing (trailers, tents) that cannot withstand the winds of a strong tropical storm let alone a hurricane. Your decision has already been made, as you must leave.

For the rest of you, the decision you'll have to make if a storm threatens is 1) do I stay? or 2) do I leave? For either choice you must have a plan. If you leave, leave early and know where you are going. If you stay, have enough supplies to last at least a week and include plenty of water. Remember how long we were without the basics last August. Don't gamble your family's safety. Error on the side of caution. As always, my FOX 8 staff of 4 degreed meteorologists will provide up to the minute information and understandable computer graphics that will allow you to make the proper decision whether to stay or leave. We welcome Kimberly Vaughn to our FOX 8 weather staff joining Chip Barrere and Chris Franklin. All three were born and raised in the New Orleans area and know first hand the challenges we face due to our location and topography. We will work hard to continue to earn your trust.

Bob Breck, Chief MeteorologistHurricane Supply List
B.S. Meteorology & Oceanography
University of Michigan

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