q Map and directions to shelter locations
q Fuel for car
q Emergency phone numbers
q First aid Kit
q Extra prescription medicine
q Battery-operated radio & clock
q Flashlights, Lanterns
q Batteries
q Butane lighters
q Matches
q Candles
q Compass
q Water (7 gal/person)
q Water purification tablets
q Non-perishable foods
q Bleach (w/o lemon or additives)
q Large water jugs
q Ice chest & ice
q Manual can opener
q Gas for grill (fill tank)
q Charcoal and starter fluid
q Fire extinguisher
q Emergency cooking utensils

q Disposable eating utensils
q Baby food, diapers & formula
q Pet food
q Plastic trash bags (get plenty)
q Cards, games, books
q Toiletries
q Sleeping bags
q Inflatable raft
q Life preservers
q Mosquito netting
q Mosquito repellent (with DEET)
q Camera & film
q Cleaning and sanitizing supplies
q Duct tape
q Heavy plastic (to cover roof if damaged)
q Tarps (heavy-duty plastic or canvas)
q Rope
q Tools
q Crowbar
q Sledgehammer (4 lb.)
q Handsaw
q Leather gloves
q Hammer & nails

National Hurricane Center List

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